Popular Artists Talk Overcoming Insecurity

by Patrick Dunn

Have you ever had one of those days when you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see? Or maybe you battle the fear of not being accepted—not “measuring up.” If so, you are not alone. Get a peek at what these celebrities had to say when Brio went backstage at the K-LOVE Fan Awards. Discover how these artists in the spotlight learned to sing a different tune when it came to their insecurities.

Riley Clemmons

Riley is a 20-year-old singer who launched into the spotlight with her debut single, “Broken Prayers.”

“One thing that I’m definitely very open about is body image. I know it can be hard to feel beautiful in your own skin. So keep yourself around people who are genuine friends—people who want the best for you and share your struggles. At the end of the day, it’s about loving people better and loving God better. I’ve found that when we make that the priority, everything else is so much simpler.”

Tauren Wells

Tauren is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His most recent hits include “When We Pray” and “Known.”

“I was self-conscious about my height, being biracial and several other things. But being involved in student ministry gave me an outlet to process all those things—and a place to belong. I also learned how to be an individual and not fear going against what everyone else is doing. If you’re the only one who’s doing what you want to do, then roll with it.”

Michael Tait

Michael is the frontman for Newsboys. The band’s signature songs include “He Reigns” and “You Are My King” (Amazing Love).

“I had a short torso, long legs and big ears. I had to really grow into myself. Plus I’m an introvert, and I moved around a lot because my dad was a traveling missionary. So it was always awkward to adjust to new people and new faces. But I learned if you just stay in the Bible, surround yourself with people who are positive and speak life to you, and be patient—good things can happen.”

Jasmine Murray

Jasmine released her full-length debut, Fearless, in 2018.

“I always had trouble feeling like I fit in—I wanted everyone to like me. I know that people will try to put labels on you, but God has labeled you His child. That means you can rest in knowing you are loved, you belong and you have a place in this world—no matter what people say.”

Zach Williams

Zach is a singer/songwriter who debuted with hits such as “Chain Breaker” and “Old Church Choir.”

“I felt like the Devil was constantly reminding me of my past and telling me that I wasn’t good enough and I didn’t belong. Then one week I was going through a devotional when, ‘There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear’ jumped out at me. And I began praying, ‘God, just take away the fears that I’m having.’”

Micah Tyler

Micah is a singer/songwriter who’s gained national attention with his debut album, Different.

“I remember coming home every day from school and actually looking at my ceiling and counting all the reasons why I hated myself. Then a youth pastor started encouraging me and helping me understand that the Lord doesn’t love a future version of who I could become and He’s not loving me less because of how much I hate myself right now. God will never love me any more or any less. And that was a catalyst for me to say, ‘OK Lord, I want to embrace the things You put in me that are different, and I want You to help me to understand why You love me so that I can love me, too.’”

Danny Gokey

Danny finished third in Season 8 of “American Idol” and is now a prominent voice in Christian music.

“In junior high I was insecure and awkward. I know it’s really easy to just look in the mirror and see what you don’t like—but God sees so much more. Get around people who use their words to encourage you. Know that who you hang around, what you hear and what you see will influence what you become. If your friends aren’t taking you to a higher place, they’re actually taking you to a lower place—and that’s not God’s best for you. God’s best for you is to rise above where you are today.”

This article originally appeared in the December 2019/January 2020 issue of Brio Magazine.

Credits: Riley Clemmons: Capitol CCMG–Jayda Iye / Tauren Wells & Zach Williams: courtesy of provident label Group–Sony Music / Michael Tait: Jason Waite Photography / Jasmine Murray: Mikel Howard / Micah Tyler: BrickHouse Entertainment / Danny Gokey: Capitol CMG

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