Elementary Kids Win Key Victory for Religious Liberty

Kids walking through the doors of Peterson Elementary School in Huntington Beach, California will now have stronger and more protected freedoms to express their faith without intimidation, thanks to the courage of one family.

Last year, two boys, ten-year old Micah and eight-year old Nieka, wanted to share fliers about Bring Your Bible to School Day with classmates during free periods like lunch and recess. But according to legal complaints, administrators prevented them from doing so.

Ultimately, the family decided to take a stand for their children’s right to religious expression—and they won! The school district settled with the family by, among other things, amending its policies to better protect “the free exercise of religion and private religious speech.”

Those two brave elementary students have now set a religious freedom precedent that will impact their school for years to come. And they’re not the only ones taking a stand for religious liberty.

Another student, Isabella, had her Bible and other faith-based materials confiscated by school officials when she asked permission to share with her friends during free time. What a terrible message for a child: That the Bible, or anything else faith-based, is perceived as unacceptable and even shameful. But Isabella’s mother also stood up for her daughter’s rights and won a legal victory.

These are great reminders that one person—or family—can make a difference.

Despite these recent successes, students too often face intimidation and challenges when trying to live out their faith in today’s culture. But the truth is they have strong, court-affirmed rights to express their beliefs, whether it is praying before a meal or bringing their Bible to class.

One simple, powerful way for kids to take ownership in expressing their faith is to participate in Bring Your Bible to School Day. The initiative, sponsored by Focus on the Family, is a nationwide, student-led event, held every year on the first Thursday of October. It empowers Christian students of all ages to take the lead in speaking God’s grace and truth in the culture around them by taking one simple step – bringing their Bible to school and talking about it with friends!

What You Can Do

Bring Your Bible to School Day is happening this year on Thursday, October 3. Students can have their voices counted as participants in the movement by signing up at BringYourBible.org. When they do, they will be entered for a chance to win a trip for four to the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.!

Also, when you sign up, you will have access to a variety of tools and resources for both elementary students and teens. These include guides, posters, t-shirts, stickers, family activities, and more.

Do you want kids to have the confidence to boldly express their faith and shine as a light for Christ? Be sure to let the students in your life know about Bring Your Bible to School Day!

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