Faith By Hearing-Obstacle Course Activity

Bring your faith to life through a fun activity called “Faith By Hearing.”

Materials Needed:  Blindfold; furniture to position as an obstacle course; two volunteers

Directions:  Open your Bible to Romans 10:17.  Read the scripture. Say, “Faith comes by hearing. The Word of God guides our life. So, we are going to blindfold one person. This person represents all of us. We are people who have a choice to either follow Jesus and God’s Word or follow the way of the world. Our other volunteer represents God’s Word or God’s voice. This volunteer will constantly repeat Romans 10:17 while leading the blindfolded person through an obstacle course by just their voice, not by hand.”

Other notes: Please be careful to ensure safety of the volunteers as they weave through the created maze. For older children, you may want to add complexity by having others repeat a phrase at the same time that sounds close to the verse but isn’t—such as “Faith comes from hearing and through the word of others.” The blindfolded person will then need to listen for “God’s voice.” The other voices represent the world bombarding them with messages—some that may seem good to follow.

Application: After this illustration is over, ask the following questions:

bubble_dot_shape-01How hard was it to follow God’s voice?

bubble_dot_shape-01Why is it important to follow God’s Word?

bubble_dot_shape-01How can the world seem like God’s voice today?


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