From the football field to the racetrack, Bring Your Bible to School Day Sets Records!

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It’s always amazing to see what God does through the actions of hundreds of thousands of courageous students expressing their faith in schools across the country.  “I brought my Bible to school and many of my classmates asked, ‘Is that a real Bible? Can I see it?’” shared 11-year-old Heather, one of at least 670,000 students who joined the movement.

“Some even asked about my faith. It was a good feeling having people ask and a sad feeling knowing that a lot of people don’t even own a Bible,” she said.

“We had students who had never read the Scriptures read the Bible,” said a faculty advisor for a Christian student club at a university campus. “We had some students who did not embrace what we shared, but at the same time we had many who for the first time heard the Gospel and accepted the Bible as a gift with a message of hope and love. We witnessed four salvations that day!”

One of those taking note of these students’ courage was NFL quarterback Drew Brees, who recorded a 20-second shout-out encouraging kids to “live out your faith …and share God’s love with friends. You’re not alone.” Almost instantly, Brees incurred attack from left wing publications and sexual advocacy groups. But instead of silencing those with a Biblical viewpoint, the attacks only served to increase awareness of the urgent need in our culture to protect religious freedoms, especially for students.

As a result of the controversy, Drew Brees’ video—and the Bring Your Bible to School Day (BYBTSD) event itself—received coverage in hundreds of television and newspaper reports across the country.

Other nationally known athletes, including New England Patriots tight end Benjamin Watson, spoke out in support of Brees and all the kids taking their Bibles to school. “What’s going to last is the children that have been encouraged by Drew Brees, one of their heroes, to bring their Bibles to school,” he said. “And not only bring their Bibles to school but to tell people about their faith.”

The momentum continued growing when veteran NASCAR driver J.J. Yeley also decided to encourage kids by sporting the “Bring Your Bible to School Day” logo and colors on his #78 Toyota Supra in two NASCAR races. Yeley and his 14-year-old daughter, Faith, said they were eager to encourage students to participate. “Navigating a racetrack at high speed may take courage,” Yeley remarked. “But in today’s world, it can take far more courage to be a student and publicly share and live out your faith in school.”

“I am thrilled that so many students participated this year,” said Focus on the Family President Jim Daly. “Many students shared their stories of courage with us and have reached out to share how their lives were touched. With 670,000 participants…we reached a new BYBTSD milestone. Yet, we don’t do this just for the statistic. Each digit represents a student who was able to practice his or her faith and share God’s love with their friends. That’s what we really care about, and we can’t wait for next year.”

Below is a just a sampling of the hundreds of feedback and stories we received from students and their families from the 2019 event.


Len, a parent from Florida, shared the moving story of their son’s approach to BYBTSD. “Our son Sam, who is wheelchair bound and cannot speak, brought his Bible and handed out laminated Romans 10:9 verses on the tray of his wheelchair. Who needs words to evangelize? Teachers and bus drivers were all touched, and seeds planted.”

“I am a teacher and an advisor of the Bible club in our public high school,” shared Sonia from New York. “Our club was able to promote this event throughout the school and there were about 30 participants that I know of. It was exciting to hear how the students brought their Bible and showed others in the school. It caused many students to ask them questions about the event and why they believed in the Bible. Needless to say, I am beyond grateful for this event and what God is doing in our public school. May He be glorified in all we do!”

“It was really fun. During lunch, one of my friends and I had a Bible study together, just reading and analyzing God’s word,” said Monica, age 14. “I look forward to next year’s BYBTSD when I’ll be in my first year of high school. I chose to participate ….to grow in faith and love for God with fellow Christians who aren’t afraid to show they love God and bring their Bibles.”

Kenden’s Bible

“I brought my Bible and kept it on my desk in every class,” shared Kenden, age 18. “I prayed the Lord would open a door up to share the gospel and He sure did. I had several people [and] opportunities. Also, several Christians took their Bibles out. This let me know that I was not alone. I believe another great awakening is completely possible and this is what I’m praying for.”

Bennett and siblings

Shannon, age 34 shared: “My three children in grades 2nd, 1st, and pre-k were the only kids in their grades to bring their Bibles! My 8-year-old, Bennett, sat and read his during [free]-choice reading time and had some meaningful conversations with classmates who had never seen or heard of the Bible!”

“So many times I question if I should send our children to a smaller, Christian school instead of public schools,” she said. “But I continue to get the same response from the Lord, ‘Let your light shine!’ My children can be a light in the darkness…and bringing their Bibles was one way to do so!”


Andy, a 27-year-old dad, shared that his daughter, Leilani, age 7, took her Bible to school and read it—and then a friend asked her about it. “This opportunity encouraged her … she took it again the next day and read it on her way home from school. Praise Jesus!”


Sarah, a 33-year-old mom, commented: “My son Steven had his Bring Your Bible to School Day t-shirt and he read his Bible before class and on lunch break [and] spread the Word to a few friends. We wanted to celebrate my child’s right to bring the Bible to school, as well as share with others God’s love.”

“This year my son, Gavin, and daughter, Mady, brought not only their Bibles to school, but also brought bookmarks, verse cards and stickers to hand out to their classmates,” shared Kerri, a 42-year-old mom. “They and several of their friends were able to bring their Bibles and read them during free reading time. Mady was even able to send a friend home with a Bible who didn’t already have one. Both kids had a great experience this year and had support from family, friends, and teachers.”

Gavin and Mady

Several students and families also reported running into challenges to their freedom to share their Bibles, including Aimee, a 45-year-old mom. “It started with my 9-year-old son asking the Vice Principal to hang posters in the school,” shared Aimie. “He agreed. Three days later the Principal called and told me, because some parents complained, she took them down. Well that got this mama bear upset. And I got more involved than I ever thought I would.

“So a huge banner was made and hung on the church marquee next door! I asked a couple neighbors to post the posters in their yard (next to the school) and one was repeatedly taken down and broken in half (packing tape works well!). …. I’m usually a quiet person, non-confrontational and the devil was fighting this hard, but I’m a survivor! I won’t back down because I’m protecting and standing up for God and the children’s rights.”

Eventually, she said, “The posters were hung and the rest is history.”

“Next year will be bigger!”

Another mom, Jaimee, 37, shared:

From Jaimee, mom

“I have a 3rd grader and a 4th grader who took Bibles to their public school. The 4th grader read her Bible openly during independent reading. However, when my 3rd grader tried to do the same, his teacher told him to read something else. He told her, “It’s Bring Your Bible to School Day.” She said, “No it’s not.” After some back-and-forth, she agreed to let him read his Bible, but instructed him to read it to himself and not aloud nor to share it with anyone else.

I am super proud of my 3rd grader who stood up for his right to read the Bible! He isn’t one to go against authority or to speak up, for that matter, so the fact that he stood firm on this issue is HUGE!

I LOVE that Bring Your Bible to School Day gives my kids an opportunity to stand up for their faith and to share it openly in a setting that is perceived as ‘off limits.’”


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