Living Your Faith Boldly at School


A special interview with Audio Adrenaline. Listen to the full interview: 


img_4297“When you’re going through school, you’re just trying to figure out who you are … it is difficult to be bold especially with something like your faith,” said Adam Agee (lead singer) as we sat down with him and the other band members of Audio Adrenaline. Over the course of an hour the band shared their favorite verses and tips on how to live out your faith at school. Adam and the band know it’s not easy to live out your faith at school, but it’s also too important not to – “It’s super important to be unashamed of what you believe and be unafraid to tell the world about it.”

As the conversation continued, Jack Campbell, the band’s drummer, shared that often the desire to be “cool” and impress fellow classmates can keep us from sharing our faith. Yet, we can’t let that stop us:

“When you go to school you’re trying to impress people that you’re with every day, but after school you’re pretty much not going to see [them anymore] … you spent all your time and all your worries trying to impress people that you don’t see anymore. But I think it’s important to live for God because He’s going to be with you your whole life and then after …It’s important what He thinks not what our friends think.”

Adam chimed in again to say that, “What we believe is that God saved us and we want to shout that as loud as we can …” He talked about how important that is for fellow classmates to hear while we still have the freedom to share img_4303the message:

“We have an amazing opportunity here [in America] to be able to express 100 percent what we believe anywhere we go. … It’s important to share whenever we can because you never know when that right might be taken away.”

Brandon Bagby – the band’s guitar player – also shared how a fellow classmate living unashamed planted a seed in him that eventually led him to accepting Christ:

“Part of my testimony when I was … in high school … I got saved when I was about 17, and it really started with another student that was a friend of mine. For about a whole year, he would bring his Bible to school and he would just encourage me. … It took a whole year of planting a seed and I finally gave in and started going to church after I got saved. … He planted a seed in my life and I actually gave my life in my backyard without anyone around me.”

Standing up for your faith at school can often feel like an impossible task, but you never know what seeds are going to be planted in the lives of those around you! Adam ended with one of his favorite verses – “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

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