Sharing the Power of God’s Word – Noah’s Story

Courtesy of Noah’s family

Noah A. walks around with little rolled up pieces of paper in his pocket. But he’s not waiting to shoot a spit wad or pass a secret note.

Noah doesn’t want his notes to be secret at all. He wants the world to know the truth of God’s love. By carefully writing out Bible verses and rolling them into scrolls, the 13-year-old is always ready to pass along God’s Word.

“Wherever I go, I pray that God will show me who to give them to,” Noah says. “I felt a little shy at first. But after I did it a few times, it got easier. I just walk up to a person and say, ‘Hi, my name’s Noah, and I’d like you to have this.’”

Sometimes people smile and take the scrolls. Others aren’t so thankful. “One elderly man asked me what was in the scroll. When I told him it was a Bible verse, he said, ‘That’s OK, you can take it back.’ ”

Only a few people have returned the scrolls.

“It doesn’t bother me much when that happens,” Noah says. “After all, I’m not really handing them out. God is. So I leave what happens up to Him.”

Out of Eggs

Noah got this simple but powerful idea for sharing verses a few years ago.

“It all started at kids church,” Noah says. “My teacher gave out plastic eggs that contained stretchy bands that told the Easter story. She had a few left and said we could take as many as we wanted as long as we promised to give them to people who didn’t know about Jesus. I took a couple. After I ran out, I thought, I could keep doing this, but I could put Bible verses in the eggs.

Noah thought of verses that would be the most helpful. He wrote them by hand, which was a challenge with his dyslexia. Then he cut the verses into strips and put them into eggs. He recruited little sister Amber to help deliver the eggs to each house on his block. Along with the egg, everybody received a personal invitation to come to church on Easter.

“It was fun,” Noah says. “The people really liked the eggs. I don’t think any of them came to church on Easter, but I pray that one day they might read the verse again and believe in Jesus.”

When Easter ended, Noah’s interest in sharing Bible verses kept going.

“I didn’t have any eggs left, so I rolled up the verses into scrolls and put them in my pocket.”

After Noah had handed out verses for a while, his mom suggested he ask for the people’s names so he could pray for them after giving them a scroll.

Into the Word

Recently, Noah faced a challenge that kept him from giving out verses. School had become more time-consuming. All that extra homework kept him at home and away from people. That troubled him, so he prayed for creative ways to share the Bible. God answered.

“My dad builds custom LEGO trains and sells them on eBay,” Noah says. “I asked him if I could include a scroll with each one. I actually got a ‘positive feedback’ from one of the customers, thanking me for the note!”

Noah’s favorite verse to write is John 3:16. “I think it’s the best one for people who don’t know the Bible yet,” he says.

Noah wants Clubhouse readers to know that if they are obedient to do what God tells them, miracles can happen.

“If you get an idea to do something good that you wouldn’t normally want to do, then do it,” Noah explains. “That’s God talking to you.”

He also encourages kids to carry Bible verses in their pockets and give them away as God leads.

“If you want to try it, but you’re scared, leave a Bible verse on a table somewhere and let God pick the person He wants to see it,” Noah says. “When you do it, don’t think about yourself. Just think about Him.”

Noah’s been giving out Bible verses since he was 9 years old, and he plans to keep doing it.

“It makes God happy,” Noah says. “And if He’s happy, I’m happy.”

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