Student Blog: It’s Your Turn Now!

Chase-image-BringYourBibleblogGuest Blog Post By Chase Windebank,
a Colorado high school graduate who took a stand for religious freedom in his school

God is searching this land for those who will rise up and stand in the gap for their schools, their generation—their nation. He is searching for young men and women who are unashamed of the power of the Gospel.


May His searching be satisfied by bold young people who say, “Here am I! Send me!”

It is the moment those words cross your lips that you begin the greatest, most awe-inspiring journey you will ever embark on or experience. It is when you decide to follow Jesus with all of your heart, wherever He leads, that He brings you to places you could never have imagined. For me, answering that call did not come with a great announcement, but rather in a seemingly simple decision.

It came when, as a freshman in high school, I decided to gather friends during school free time to pray, worship, and seek God together. At certain points, I actually became discouraged, thinking that what I was doing was having little impact. For that entire first year, I struggled to remain faithful to what God called me to do. There were days when it was only me sitting on the gym floor with my Bible open and a small speaker beside me, playing worship songs. Throughout my sophomore and junior years, the maximum attendance was no more than 20.

I knew it was not about the number, yet somehow I still felt my actions were insufficient and that I was not doing much for Christ.  I felt like giving up, because it seemed as though the road to true impact had long been missed—that I had taken a wrong turn somewhere.

It was during those times that I opened the Word, which I carried in my backpack each and every day. Reading through its pages, I was reminded that God is a faithful God, and He will strengthen those who are weary.

During the very first prayer meeting of my senior year, 30 students showed up to pray and worship Jesus! The next gathering brought 30, then 50, then 60—all the way to over 90 people coming week after week.

Jesus was showing me that He was the one who was sustaining us and changing our hearts. It was during a public court battle for the right to continue our prayer meetings that God called to memory a promise he put in my heart during my freshman year–the powerful sense that God’s name would be honored in a way that would go far beyond our small school walls. Today, as I stand here, a graduate, having passed the baton to other faithful young men and women to carry on prayer at my high school, I see now He fulfilled that promise in the most unlikely way–one I could never have imagined.

Yes, God is searching for bold men and women who will take His Word with them wherever they go. I chose to carry God’s Word with me at all times because I saw how He reminds His children of His faithfulness through its pages. It is your turn to take up the cause and run the race God is calling you to run. Will you take a step of faith by carrying His Word in your heart?

Will you take an even bolder step in bringing your Bible to school? If you do, I know God will bring you so many opportunities to share His Good News with friends and classmates around you. May God’s searching eyes land on you as you say, “Here am I. Send me!” It is your turn now.

For more information, read the news release about Chase’s religious-freedom victory.

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