Students Display Spiritual Courage on Bring Your Bible to School Day

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others …” (Matthew 5:14-16).

The well-known scripture sprung to life in the form of courageous students who participated in last year’s Bring Your Bible to School Day during the first week of October. Final tallies revealed that an estimated 365,000 students in every state participated.

On that day, students celebrated religious freedom and shared God’s hope with friends by taking a simple action: bringing their Bibles to school and talking about their faith with friends during their free time.

“When we launched Bring Your Bible to School Day as a way to empower and encourage public school students from kindergarten to college to express their faith freely, we had no idea God was going to do so much with the event in such a little time,” wrote Focus on the Family President Jim Daly in a blog. He pointed out that the inaugural event in 2014 garnered an estimated 8,000 students. So the exponential growth confirmed that something remarkable—the kind of thing that can only be credited to God’s amazing work in thousands of individual hearts—was happening.

From Julie, a mom in Oregon: “My 6th grader just got home and said because he had his Bible at school today he lead a kid to Christ!! We are freaking out over here!!! The kid was asking my son a bunch of questions. My son told him to read Genesis 1. After he did, the kid asked how to be a Christian. THANK YOU for this day. I am excited to hear from my 3rd grader when she gets home.” 

From a high school student in Georgia: I gave out a Bible to a devil worshiper and an atheist. Also, three people came up and asked me for more [Bibles] but I didn’t have any more, so I gave them the little Bibles that people usually pass out. And at lunch like nine to eleven people prayed and I lead them. (It was the first time I prayed out loud with a group of people). And they asked if I’d start doing this so I asked my principal … and everyone is messaging us about being in a ‘club.’ … If I wouldn’t have found the Facebook page about Bring [Your] Bible to School… I probably never would have had the courage to [do this]. I couldn’t believe that there were people who were waiting for me at lunch just to show me that they also brought their Bibles and now we are forming a club so we can get more people involved! …

Joshua, 16-years-old

I just want to thank y’all and thank God for allowing this to happen!”

From Joshua, Age 16: I printed and passed out the flyers and Scriptures … and read my Bible during school with a group of peers and it opened up a discussion and allowed me to share Jesus with others … I was proud to be a part of this day. Before school started, I was in a church drama called ‘unashamed’ and I want to live that way.”

Lettie, age 13, from Virginia, also shared her story with us:

Before she heard about Bring Your Bible to School Day, Lettie had just assumed that it was safer to stay quiet about her Christian beliefs at school. But then she read the information about students’ religious-freedoms on the website:  “I was like, ‘Wow, I could talk to people about Jesus. I could bring my Bible to school. This is awesome.’”

Lettie, 13-years-old

Lettie’s friends were just as excited as she was: “Some of us didn’t wait until that day. We brought our Bibles every day when we learned about it. One girl forgot to bring hers so she checked one out the library.”

“Being able to read my Bible with my friends . . . was a really cool experience I’d never been able to do in school before,” she said. “That was my favorite part of the day.”

After the event, the students started an after-school Bible club called “Christ’s Crew.” Following one of the club’s discussions, a student asked Lettie for more information about how to follow Jesus and “accepted Christ right then.”

“It was kind of a cool feeling that I was there to see that,” she said. Watch Lettie’s story.

That’s just a sampling of the hundreds of stories and email feedback we received from students and families in response to the initiative. Over the last three years, the event has also spurred local television and national news coverage and become viral on social media. The hashtag for the event–#BringYourBible—was a top trend on Facebook.

BYBTSDimagetrendingnewsreport.docxIn 2015, one of the photos featured in nationwide news stories about the initiative going viral was that of 10-year-old Greyson from Vermont.

His family shared the story behind the photo with Focus on the Family:

“When I heard of the event I

was excited and shared the information with Greyson,” said his mother, Kimberly. “He was excited to participate. Fifth grade is a tough year. Kids [are] trying to fit in and the pre-teen years are hitting. They start to care more about what their peers think of them. So I was proud of Greyson for wanting to participate!

Greyson, 10-years-old

Greyson, 10-years-old

“Greyson had recently been asking for a new Bible as he felt he had outgrown his children’s Bible. The night before the event, my husband sat down with Greyson and presented him with a ‘new’ used Bible that belonged to my husband when he was a young teen. Greyson was proud of his new, more mature looking Bible!

“The morning of Bring Your Bible to School Day we talked about what the Bible says about ‘do not be ashamed’. … When we parked, and I was taking his pic, he held his new Bible proudly and with confidence even as others were walking by.”

Greyson also shared his perspective as a student with Focus: “It was cool to have a day to bring your Bible to school,” he said.  “I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure what others would say or think. … In my class I had a girl come up and say “So you brought your Bible today!?” I wasn’t even sure how she knew I brought it ‘cause I had put it back in my backpack when school started. But I thought that was pretty cool that somehow she knew! It made me proud! I think it would be cool to find more Christian friends in my school to do this with next year!”


Lexie, middle-school student

Lexie, middle-school student

Another student who was emboldened to express her faith through the 2015 event was Lexie, a middle-school student in Georgia. “I got so involved in my [youth group] that it touched me and made me want to spread God’s Word and truth to the entire world. The world thinks we are crazy and that Christians have stepped over the line,” said Lexie.

“The world doesn’t care who we are or know who we are, so we must make them know who we are! And I wanted to use Bring Your Bible to School Day to accomplish this goal. …My friend Sydney …and I spoke to our school’s [Christian student club] and she spoke about this terrific day to let others know what it was.”


Sydney also described how she and other students got the word out, first by posting about the event on Twitter and Instagram, and then by “making flyers and posters and hanging them arouLexie-Sydney-BringYourBiblend my middle school.”

“God placed on my heart that I needed to spread His Word,” Sydney said.

Their efforts bore amazing fruit! An estimated 50 students at the girls’ school wore T-shirts the day of the event and met at the flagpole, holding their Bibles high in the air and joining together for voluntary prayer.

“One thing I learned from this experience is that the enemy is always working to steal your joy, but Jesus loves us and will never forsake us,” said Lexie, “so we must be Christians and do what He says when we hear Him calling us to work through Him.” Watch Lexie and Sydney tell their story. You can also watch Sydney praying with other students at her school:

Elementary-age students Carson and his brother, Sam, learned an important lesson about demonstrating the love of Christ. They participated in the first Bring Your Bible to School Day in October 2014.

Carson, and his younger brother,Sam

Carson, and his younger brother, Sam

(Their story from their second year of participation is featured in this video).  “Last year, there was a boy who made fun of the kids who brought their Bibles to school. He said there was no proof that God was real,” shared Carson’s mother, Cara. “I told Carson, ‘The best thing to do is pray, live your life as a great example,  and show him love.’

Carson said he had been praying for him for a while. This year, on the first day of school, the teacher asked the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up. Carson said that he wanted to be a preacher and he was fully expecting for this boy to make fun of him. Instead, this boy said that he thought it was cool!

“When Carson started telling classmates about Bring Your Bible to School Day this year, this same boy who made fun of him last year was the first person to request a Bible!  God heard and answered Carson’s prayers.”

For the 2016 event, Carson’s student Bible club raised money through bake sales to purchase more than 200 Bibles to give to friends!  They also put up flyers about the event.

It’s truly inspiring to see how God is moving each year through thousands of faith-filled students who put First Timothy 4:12 into action, stirring the nation’s soul and bringing hope to others. “For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations.” Psalm 100:5

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