Are You Willing to ‘Stand in the Fire’ for Your Faith?

A Special Interview with Building 429. Listen to the full interview:

“Every believer at one time or another has been outnumbered and nervous. … So many stories throughout history of when God’s people come against [persecution] and they stay faithful and they show no fear. … Faith becomes real for the unbelievers in those moments.”

building-429_screen-shotThose powerful words were from lead singer Jason Roy of the band, Building 429, when they sat down with the Bring Your Bible to School Day team during Heavenfest 2016. The band released
the hit single “Unashamed” last year and has been encouraging thousands to live unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through their movement, #IAMUNASHAMED. The band shared experiences of living #UNASHAMED and gave advice on what it means to live out your faith.

Jason, for instance, told how, while on a flight across the country, a girl sitting next to him questioned the #IAMUNASHAMED words that were written on one of his hands and the list of names of people who’d shared prayer requests, which he had displayed on the other hand. She eventually asked him to write her name down too:

“It really impacted me … that people do want hope, and if you can show them evidence of a hope in you and of a reality that you actually do care for people, then they want what you have.  I was so thankful for that day—that I had the courage to speak the Word of God.”

Band member Aaron told of another memorable interaction that happened after a concert:

“We played a show in Ohio and we walk off the stage, and there’s a lady standing on the side of the stage. … She said, ‘I just want you to know that the words you spoke and sang really touched my heart and I’m going to get saved on Sunday.’ … Jason and I looked at her like, why wait until Sunday we’re right here, let’s do it right now? … So we – right there on the side of the stage – led her to the Lord.”

Jason said that these kind moments should inspire us all as we seek to reflect Jesus at school, home, and in our neighborhood:

“Every one of those opportunities presented itself, we didn’t go create it … God created that opportunity through the Holy Spirit and we were thankful to walk through the open door that he gave us”

Living #UNASHAMED for the Gospel of Christ–even when done through the simple act of taking one’s Bible to school—is the greatest adventure of all, because there is no way of telling who will be impacted next or what that will look like. As the interview came to a close, Jason had these parting words for youth:


“I just want to encourage young people … when you are challenged for your faith, if you stand bold and if you stand firm in what you believe … there is someone watching who is going to come to faith because of your willingness to stand in the fire.”

Watch their hit single – “Unashamed!”


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